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Bailey Motorsport Catalogue

After many years of exhaustive testing on a wide variety of both road and high powered race cars, Bailey Motorsport introduced the piston type dump valve in 1997. Piston dump valves have many advantages over their diaphragm style counterparts, including faster reaction times, increased boost capability and in the case of their EVO valve, the ability to work on cars with airflow meters (which is not possible with diaphragm type dump valves).

All 7 types of Bailey Motorsport piston dump valves are precision CNC machined from aircraft quality aluminium alloy, use stainless steel bolts and rods, lightweight polymer pistons with special state of the art seal technology and are designed to be re-buildable for even greater longevity. All valves are tested prior to despatch and come with a 1 year guarantee.

All valves are available in highly polished silver, red, blue and black anodised.


DV24 Single Piston Dump Valve

The DV24 single piston dump valve is designed for turbocharged cars that use a carburettor, throttle bodies or fuel injection with no airflow meter. It has a 25mm push on base and comes supplied as standard with a 90 degree 4mm polymer push on vacuum/boost connection. The DV24 has a 60psi boost capability.

Price: £78.50 + VAT
Price does not include fitting kit



DV26 'EVO' Twin Piston Dump Valve

The DV26 or 'EVO' twin piston dump valve is designed for turbocharged cars with an airflow meter or metering unit. The ingenious second piston allows cars to idle perfectly and for the fuel mixture to be unchanged which resolves all the running problems traditionally associated with diaphragm valves. It has a 25mm push on base and comes supplied as standard with a straight 4mm polymer push on vacuum/boost connection. The DV26 has 60psi boost capacity. Certain applications require a valve with a stronger spring, referred to as a DV26 'D' Type.

Price £78.50 + VAT
Price excludes fitting kit



DV34/36 Venturi Dump Valve

The DV34 and DV36 valves are an exciting new range of atmospheric valves designed with a single venturi style trumpet outlet. The DV34 is the single piston model and the DV36 is the twin piston model for cars with airflow meters.

These valves are a derivative of the DV30 re-circulating type, re-designed to offer a distinctive lower-tone pitch 'dump'. After successful testing on their own race vehicles, Bailey has made the DV34 and DV36 due to customer requests for an aggressive valve with an increased airflow capability for higher power applications.

Price: £102.00 + VAT



DV10/DV12 Subaru Dump Valve

The new DV10 and DV12 valves are atmospheric (whoosh type) valves designed specifically for the 1999 onwards Subaru Impreza models that have an intercooler mounted factory re-circulating valve. Now late model Subaru owners can enjoy all the benefits of the 'EVO' twin piston dump valves' legendary internals in a new CNC machined body designed to directly bolt to the intercooler. They take only 10 minutes to fit and come complete with the necessary hardware and instructions for easy installation. Capable of withstanding boost pressures of up to 60psi, these valves are suitable for all UK and import specification cars and give a very distinctive 'Tsscch' noise.

These valves also fit some Subaru Legacy and Forester models, please contact Triton for details.

DV10 Price: £118.00 + VAT
DV12 Price: £112.00 + VAT



DV30 Piston Recirculating Valve

All the benefits of Bailey's piston design, but with a less audible 'whoosh'. The DV30 was originally designed as a direct replacement for the factory fitted Bosch dump valve found on a wide variety of cars. The Bosch valve is made of plastic, contains a rubber diaphragm and is known to fail when subjected to too much boost pressure or excessive temperatures. The DV30 is the perfect choice for a standard car or a fire-breathing 550+ BHP tuned vehicle, capable of withstanding huge amounts of boost with it's high temperature piston internals and CNC machined body. As the DV30 is designed to direct the dumped boost back into the air filer or airstream, it is generally speaking silent in operation and can alleviate any annoying fluttering noises in many Bosh applications. It is also possible to retro-fit the DV30 onto a wide variety of cars, please call Triton for information.

The DV30 valve is a direct replacement for the following vehicles and generally requires no fitting kit (some vehicles may require new hose clips)

Price: £88.50 + VAT


S2 Quattro
TT 1.8 20v Turbo (185/225BHP models)
A3/S3 1.8 20v Turbo
A4/S4 1.8 20v Turbo
S4 2.7 30v Twin Turbo (2 valves)


Uno Turbo Mk1/Mk2
Punto GT
Coupe 16v/20v


Sierra/Escort Cosworth 2WD/4WD
Focus RS


Delta inc. HF & Integrale 8v/16v


Most Bi-Turbo models


406 SRi Turbo 8v


911/944 Turbo


21 Turbo


Most 900/9000 models


Leon 1.8 20v inc. Cupra


440/480/740 Turbo


Golf Mk4 1.8 20v
Passat Mk4 1.8 20v Turbo


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